The rest of 30” world. Any universal machines there?

Most of 30” monitors are still at lower level. Same bare panels with nothing but brightness regulator and a single input (with a rare exception). A strange addition to this group came up recently – Samsung XL30. Same bare panel is now complemented with several color gamut modes, calibratable LUT with bundled software and LED backlight. So regular PVA image problems are combined with LED backlight prematurity problems. This river barge with a nuclear power engine is sold at a price of two ocean liners. What is the main purpose of this strange product? The main purpose is to test and promote the manufacturer marketing policy. And you are invited to pay for that.

The middle level is occupied by the Dell 3008. This overpriced (hopefully for a limited period of time) monitor does have practical value and seems to be the closest (still far though) competitor for the upper level.

There are two 30” Eizos in upper level group but both suffer from PVA technology issues, have astronomical price and thus zero practical value on the background of other 30”.

So the position #1 in 30” sector is vacant. Does the NEC 3090WQXi deserve it? We’ll see in a minute.

Below: express comparison with the Dell 3008. Pivot looks not serious for small monitors. But when you go for high resolution – it works and impresses. It may be a good advantage over a monitor without Pivot. To continue famous Gateway’s joke about “1600p”, this is how “2560p” looks like.