The NEC 3090WQXi is calibrated with SpectraView II software and GretagMacbeth Eye-one Display2 .
This invaluable calibration kit calibrates monitor internal LUT (not a videocard as in case of a regular monitor) producing more accurate and stable results.
And what is most important for a non-professional user – this calibration is very simple, user-friendly, it provides a variety of settings and it’s done automatically – just press the button.
The last version of SpectraView II supports 3090 so in fact we have the NEC 3090WQXi-SV in front of us.
I also tried another colorimeter – Spyder3 from Spider3 Elite kit.
Spider3 failed to produce reliable results.
1. It does inaccurate measurements of brightness, especially brightness of black.
2. It shows 3090 color gamut smaller that it is.
3. In comparison with GretagMacbeth Eye-one Display2, Spyder3 calibration is less accurate – checked with LaCie Blue Eye Pro calibration software.
My own observations are pretty much the same as you can see in Spyder3 Elite Test.
Below are two examples of SpectraVew hardware calibration of the NEC 3090WQXi and the reference monitor NEC 2490WUXi. Gamma curves are perfect in both cases.
SpectraView reports 3090 CR less than 2490 (we know – due to it’s specific brightness regulation). Does this difference “pop up”? No.
3090 picture is sharp, well saturated, stable and pleasant for the eyes.