Monitor and Eyes

Despite relatively lower measured contrast ratio at lower brightness, the screen looks soft and eye-friendly. I decided to use a photo camera to detect usual for LCD monitor backlight flickering at lower brightness. No success.
No success means that the photo camera was NOT able to detect any flickering at any brightness from 100% to 0% ! So if you eyes are sensitive to this typical effect of LCD monitors the NEC 3090WQXi is probably a solution for you.
What do we have so far? Text is large and well readable, crystalline effect stepped back, mild backlight without flickering, CR ~440:1 at moderate brightness of 140 cd/m2.
The NEC 3090WQXi has autobrightness feature that works in two modes. The first mode adjusts brightness according to ambient light. The second mode works as dynamic brightness – when a bright scene in the screen replaces a dark one the monitor instantly drops brightness so the bright scene doesn’t blind you.
Now we need to place the monitor perfectly.
The screen should be at a reasonable distance and its top should not be higher than your eye level. The NEC 3090 does its best in this regard – the screen goes down almost as low as the monitor base permits. But nevertheless 30” monitor is still too big to be simply put on the table. This $2000 toy deserves some more attention. This is how I would place this monitor: