DVD and HD Video

Unlimited scaling lets you set any resolution for a DVD movie from its native to up to the full screen. Or even more – so that bars under and over the movie frame disappear (with sides trimmed)- it's unbelievable but possible. feature.
Good Superbit DVD subjectively looks excellent even on the full screen.
The optimal viewing distance is 1.5-2 meters (4-6 feet). This distance helps fully accommodate the screen size and makes possible “noise” of video invisible.
The NEC 3090WQXi supports 480р, 576р, 720р video, and Full HD 1080p 24-60Hz.
The monitor has excessive for 1080p resolution. It means that true Full HD movie will occupy just the center part of the screen. Full HD on the NEC 3090WQXi is superb.
Although the full screen playback technically is not Full HD (it’s interpolated to the full screen) it’s still hard to tell the difference.
Pictures below: sizes in comparison