General Image Quality

Native/Programmable mode (wide gamut)
Standard gamut Images outside “color-aware” programs like Photoshop exhibit typical wide gamut oversaturation.
With Photoshop capabilities added, standard gamut images look as close to the reference monitor as never before (this is the fourth wide gamut monitor in comparative test with the NEC 2490).

sRGB mode
Unlike the Dell 2408, the NEC 3090WUXi sRGB mode looks very usable, it looks “alive”.
Dell 2408 sRGB mode dE94 = 7.3
NEC 3090 sRGB mode dE94 = 4.3
It’s still not perfect for photographic work but for any other application including internet, games, movies it’s very comfortable.

Depending on what parameters you set for SpectraView calibration, the NEC 3090WQXi produces smooth gradients and makes visible every little bit of detail from 1 to 255 grey tone.

Her Majesty H-IPS

Amazingly, since the first announcement of NEC 3090WQXi there is no detailed information of the panel it uses. There were no doubts it would be IPS. Also there were speculations about “same” panel as the Dell or not, some translated hints saying of H-IPS – does not matter. This is the question: does its panel match 2490/2690 quality or not?
Unfortunately the answer is still kept secret. Look at this WEB site.