Overall build quality

This is a solid product in terms of assembly quality and materials used.
There are no dead pixels found.
Moderate backlight bleeding is present in some areas closer to panel edges.
It’s only visible in full darkness and on the black screen. It seems to be of that kind of bleeding which improves over some time.
The panel is (slightly) loosely placed in the cabinet – the panel corners can be pressed little deeper inside when pressure is applied. There is ~1 mm space between the panel and the cabinet rim. After an hour of work, when the monitor is warmed up – panel placement becomes tight.
The NEC 3090WQXi does NOT produce any kind of noise.
The upper part of the monitor is NOT hot to touch. It’s within normal limit.
The monitor screen does NOT radiate heat.


3090 has two digital inputs: DVI-D (HDCP), DVI-I (digital/analog) and USB port for direct colorimeter connection (Standalone calibtaration).


The sound bar is optional. It can be easily attached to the monitor. See the manual for details.