To see more about this and some other details watch our traditional complementary video. Added note: As pointed out in the video, bottom corners of the screen are viewed from sharper diagonal angle, therefore typical LCD "glow" is more visible there (of course, only if your watch dark images in dark environment, sitting close enough to the monitor). No need to mention that there is nothing about the corners for video play back.

Compared side by side with the NEC 2490 which has almost zero crystalline effect, the NEC 3090 shows this effect to moderately higher degree but less than 30” Apple Cinema.
Every LCD monitor with AG coating has a sort of this effect. Some users find it irritating, the vast majority doesn’t even know about its existence.


Subjectively the NEC 3090 has very good interpolation quality.


In this area 90 series monitors are outstanding and have no match in the market. What is called “scaling” for a regular monitor, is nothing in comparison with the NEC. It has unlimited scaling – the image is never distorted, any size and proportion are possible. Another video to see how real scaling works.